Experience the magic of an electric bike.

For cruisers, urban bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, trikes and everything in between. 


Why Should I Convert My Bike to Electric?

If you want to become more active, spend more time outdoors, or ride more with your spouse, family and friends....

If you have a regular bike that's not being used much, this will get you to ride and enjoy it more often...


If things like hilly terrain, distance, or the inconvenience of arriving sweaty is keeping you from cycling...


Omni Wheel is the easiest and best way to electrify your ride!

Omni Wheel seamlessly installs to almost every size and style of bicycle to give you a boost of electric assist when and where you need it. The Omni Wheel is powerful enough that you can tackle hills or long distances with ease, yet light enough that your bike still feels like a bike.

The Omni Wheel gives you all of the same benefits of an electric bike at a lower cost — riding a bike you already use and love.

It’s easier than a regular electric conversion kit and can be installed in just minutes, with no specialized technical knowledge required*.


Prior to Ordering

This handy guide will help you determine if the Omni Wheel will be compatible with your particular bike.

If you have any doubts or want to double-check the suitability of the Omni Wheel for your existing bike, just send an email to our customer service team, together with a few photos of your bike.

Our technical support staff is available 7 days a week, and you will receive a response within 24 hours or less with a personalized assessment.