Meet Omni

Omni Wheel is the next step in the evolution of cycling.

We believe that riding a bike should be an activity everyone can enjoy — regardless of fitness level, age, hilly terrain, or other factors. The Omni Wheel takes an ordinary, regular bike and turns it into something almost magical — a bike that gives you a boost of power when you need it.

Within a few minutes, virtually any bike becomes an electric bike, seamlessly providing you with added power to climb any hill, get to your destination faster, and have more fun along the way! 


Fits Virtually Any Bike 

Omni Wheel is designed to fit practically any bicycle or lifestyle. Whether you have a cruiser, an urban city bike, a recumbent, or anything in-between, once you install the Omni Wheel, your bike becomes an electric hybrid. 

Pedal as much or as little as you want, as with a turn of the throttle — the Omni Wheel provides a seamless boost up to 17 miles per hour. A single charge provides up to a 40 mile range — more than enough for your everyday commute or recreational ride. 


30–Minute Installation

It's easy and requires no specialized knowledge.

  1. Replace the existing front wheel on your bike with the fully-charged Omni Wheel.
  2. Install the wireless display panel and the throttle on the handlebars.
  3. You're ready to go!




PRESS-AND-GO WITH A Simple Thumb Throttle

Just remove your existing bicycle grip and slide on the provided thumb throttle.

You may need to adjust your existing shifter and or brake lever, depending on your bicycle.

A bottom bracket cadence sensor is also included for an alternative installation.

Within a half-hour, you’ll be riding your new electrified bike.  


CLICK HERE this easy-to-follow installation video to see exactly how easy the installation process is!


Power on Demand

Omni Wheel is designed to complement your own power, not take away from it. With the throttle providing you power on demand, you can pedal as much or as little as you want – always having the power from the wheel available at the push of the button.

All In One

Omni Wheel fits everything – motor, battery, and controller – inside one elegant package. Its simplicity is what makes it beautiful. Easy to install and easy to use – Omni Wheel works behind the scenes to completely transform your entire riding experience.



750 Cycles
( ~ 3 years of use )


8.7Ah Battery: 15-25 Mi
14.5Ah Battery: 25-40 Mi

top speed

Up to 17 Miles/Hour


19 to 21 pounds


8.7Ah Battery: ~4 hours
14.5Ah Battery: ~9 hours

Wattage / motor power

350W / 24V
Throttle Power

position on bike

Front Wheel


Wireless LCD DIsplay


Standard: 24V 8.7Ah
Extended–Range: 24V 14.5Ah


700C (28”)

colors available


Disk Brake Compatible?